Other Material

These various other exercises and technqiues are leveraged to round out a student's training and practice skills.

Exercises include:

Kate Kitae Forearm Development
Bunkai Demonstration of Kata Technique
Kumite Pre-arranged Sparing Exercises
Atemi no Jikken Body Striking Experimentations
Chukan Hojo Undo Intermediate Supplementary Exercises

Kate Kitae

This exercise toughens muscles, increases reaction time, improves hand eye coordination and gets the practitioner mentally ready to accept the uncomfortable feeling of being hit on the arm.


Uechi Ryu Kumite provides students with a safe method to practice various attacks and defenses in a vigorous manner.


The purpose of bunkai is to teach the student the application of kata (Bunkai means application). There are three different kata that have formalized bunkai's, Kanshiwa, Seisan, and Sanseiru.

Uechi Ryu Bunkai provides students with a method of practicing techniques found in kata. There are three formal Bunkai. Students are encouraged to evaluate and create additional Bunkai techniques from these and other kata.