Jumbi Undo

The main purpose of these exercises is to loosen up the muscles before doing the more complex movements. Therefore, the body should be relaxed while performing these exercises. The stretching exercises aid greatly in the development of physical coordination and balance as well as improving posture and agility.

Exercises include:

Ashi saki o gueru undo Toe raise and turn
Kakato o ageru undo Heel raise
Ashi kubi o mawasu undo Foot & ankle rotation
Hiza o mawasu undo Knee rotation
Ashi o mae yoko shita ni nobasu undo Leg lift & turn
Ashi o mae uchi nanameni ageru undo Straight leg kick
Tai o mae ni taosu undo Waist scoop
Koshi no nenten Trunk rotation
Ude o mae yoko shita ni nobasu undo Double arm thrusts
Kubi o mawasu undo Neck rotations