Ranking System

Beginners in Uechi-ryu Karate do not hold any rank. However, they wear a white belt to signify their beginning status. There are then eight actual ranks before reaching the black blet level.

Title Rank Belt
Hachikyu 8th class White with Yellow Stripe
Shichikyu 7th class Yellow
Rokkyu 6th class Blue
Gokyu 5th class Green
Yonkyu 4th class Green with Brown Stripe
Sankyu 3rd class Green with two Brown Stripes
Nikyu 2nd class Brown
Ikkyu 1st class Brown with Black Stripe

A second stripe requirement at the Nikyu/Ikkyu rank may be implemented and, conversely, a lower rank may be skipped, both depending upon a given individual and/or circumstances and at the discreation of Sensei.

The first test for junior students (those below age 12) is for the rank of Hachikyu. If qualified, junior students may then advance as fas as the rank of Gokyu. A student may not be promoted past this rank until he reaches the age of 12.

These eight "Kyu" ranks are followed by ten degrees of black belt, the first of which is Shodan (1st degree black belt). The minimum age for promotion to Shodan is fifteen.

All promotional tests are by invitation only. The instructor will inform the student when he feels that the student is ready. He will base his decision upon such factors as technical skill, attitutde and character, class attendance, length of study, age, and participation in dojo activities.

Title Rank Belt
Shodan 1st Dan Black
Nidan 2nd Dan Black
Sandan 3rd Dan Black
Yodan 4th Dan Black
Godan 5th Dan Black
Rokudan 6th Dan Black with one stripes
Nanadan 7th Dan Black with two stripes
Hachidan 8th Dan Black with three gold stripes
Kyudan 9th Dan Black with three gold stripes