Uechi-ryu is an Okinawan art. The use of Japanse, the offical language of Okinawa, is designed to maintain the traditions of the art and to maintain an Oriental atmosphere in the dojo. This section provides a guide to some of the common terms used in the techniques. In a number of cases the English terms are not literal translations.


Dozo Please
Mawate Pivot
Ryote Doubles
Wa-uke Circle Block (& thrust)
Migi ashi mae Right foot forward
Hidari ashi mae Left foot forward
Ashi no sono mama Maintain the same stance
Yoi Set: Ready
Hajime Begin
Yame Stop (and maintain readiness)
Owarimasu is / are finished
Rei Bow
Yasume Rest
Tsugi no wa Next


Ichi 01
Ni 02
San 03
Shi 04
Go 05
Roku 06
Shichi 07
Hachi 08
Ku or Kyu 09
Ju 10
Ikkai First Time
Nikai Second Time
Sankai Third Time
Ichiban #1
Niban #2
Samban #3
Yomban #4
Goban #5
Rokuban #6

Miscellaneous Terms

Mokuso Mind clearing meditation
Zazen Sated meditation
Seiza Formal kneeling position
Anza Informal cross-legged position
Dojo Training Hall
Makiwara Striking Board
Sensei Teacher
Semete Attacker
Ukete Defender
Gi Uniform
Obi Belt